Keep on moving: Prevent the perils of sedentary working

New research by Belfast University has revealed that workers’ sedentary days cause more than 10,000 deaths a year. Staying seated for more than three hours a day has even been linked to serious illnesses including diabetes, heart disease and even lung cancer, costing the NHS a whopping £700 million annually.

This equates to around an incredible one in nine deaths in the UK every single year. These statistics are particularly worrying as two-thirds of workers actually spend in excess of six hours a day sitting.

Experts suggest that operators and employers could help tackle this problem by encouraging employees to use their breaks to incorporate exercise into the working day.

At Parallel House, we are conscious of the UK guidelines recommending two and a half hours of exercise every week. Our serviced offices are housed in two converted Georgian buildings that fuse modernity and tradition, just a few steps away from the heart of Guildford. With a separate meeting room and a large, private garden with various seating areas, taking a break from your desk for a walk around the grounds is easy.

The buzzing town centre is a few minutes away on foot and is full of amenities and places to grab lunch – the perfect reason to stretch your legs and get active during breaks. The location also makes it easy for employees to incorporate fitness activities and visits to the gym outside of working hours or during their lunch break.

Business moves fast, so Parallel House gives you the flexibility you need to keep up. There’s no lengthy lease or restrictive contract, just a simple license agreement for a fixed term of up to a year, tailored with the services that matter to you.

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