A breath of fresh air at Parallel House

Studies show that humans have a biological connection with nature, known as biophilia (introduced by Edward O. Wilson). So, it’s no wonder that the concept of outside working is good for the soul, and for business.

Working in nature has countless benefits, including improved mood, reduced stress levels and increased happiness, all pointing towards an overall increase in mental and physical well-being. Incorporating elements of nature into work environments can also enhance creativity and productivity levels.

We spend roughly 90 per cent of our working day inside, whether it be a building or on some form of transport. Why then, when mobile technology enables us to choose how, when and where we work, do we not consider working outside as an option?

Whether it’s taking 30 minutes to answer emails in the sunshine (catching some vital Vitamin-D!), taking a call while you stretch your legs, or meeting with colleagues at one of Parallel House’s seating areas – there’s plenty of choice at our central Guildford serviced offices.

At Parallel House, we can offer our clients outside working spaces for meetings, lunches or simply for break-out time and brainstorming.

Adding outdoor time into your working day at Parallel House is simple and beneficial to you and your business. So, start prioritising getting outside this summer, even just for lunch, a stroll around our grounds, or a quick break!

For more information about Serviced Offices and meeting spaces in Guildford at Parallel House visit www.parallelhouse.co.uk